The creation of construction company and agencies of civil engineering works is taking place every day, but the field lacks innovation in the management of construction projects, and in the technology of construction of works.

YATAB Consulting Construction Company (YATAB 3C) was born with the aim of bringing into reality this important need from which the civil engineering community is suffering. We started in 2007 with the study and realization of some residential buildings and then in 2016 extend our services by operating in the renovation and reconstruction of civil engineering works.

Today YATAB 3C is known in the services of expertise and construction of civil engineering works, the services of supply of materials and construction materials as well as the supply of office equipment for schools, universities, public administrations, Amphi theatres etc.

From 2007 to 2021, we carried out major works which positions us among the pilot companies capable of carrying out major development construction projects. Our team includes technicians, engineers, construction managers, project coordinators and project managers who are experienced in technological innovation.

We have based our working relationship with our customers on ethics and the code of realization of civil works that requires compliance with the specifications. We offer our services with integrity, leadership, and quality.


YATAB 3C is a civil engineering company located in Benin and Canada, which provides the following services:

Experts available to support you throughout your project.        

Experts available to support you throughout your project.